Book review and Best Quotes from “Who moved my cheese”

Who Moved My Cheese?, Dr. Spencer Johnson. United States: Putnam Adult Publications,  1998.         Who Moved My Cheese? was written by Dr. Spencer Johnson and published in 1998. Who Moved My Cheese? is a simple parable. It is an amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a 'Maze' and look for... Continue Reading →


Book review and Best Quotes from “The Alchemist”

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho. Brazil: HarperTorch(English), 1988.     The Alchemist was written by Brazilian born writer Paulo Coelho and published in 1988 in Portuguese and ever since been released in 70 languages around the world. The Alchemist is an amazing story of a young Andalusian boy and his journey to Egypt and finding treasure.... Continue Reading →

Book review and Best Quotes from Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. United States: Warner Books Ed., 1 April 2000.      Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter and published in 2000 as financial literacy book which covers personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, investing and economics. It is one of the well-known books on financial... Continue Reading →

Long time…

Some things were good, some were bad. But in this I learn a lot, below are the things I have experienced in this period, which made me more mature, content and satisfied.

What should we know early in our life..

This is not a book review, these are the things that I thought everyone should know early in their life. This will definitely help them to focus on their real life goals rather than chasing the false dreams in life. Below are few things I thought we must focus in our life more than anything.Well... Continue Reading →

Digital Fortress : Book review

The United States has a very secret agency which keeps an eye on each and everyone, National Security Agency (NSA). This NSA has a supercomputer, TRANSLTR which decrypt the various electronic messages, emails, algorithm. TRANSLTR has an ability to break any code within seconds but one day it took a lot more than expected, around... Continue Reading →

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